A Cord of Three Strands

Author: Steph Haxton

Publisher: Boswell Book Publishing

Three women: a Cornish fortress forged their friendship; a Cornish rebellion will test it.

The novel takes the reader to Cornwall, August 1646: in the aftermath of Civil War, three women, who have been brought together by Fate at a beleaguered Royalist stronghold on the Cornish coast now must confront new challenges in a world turned upside down. Yet men will dictate the terms upon which the women’s lives depend.

A wife, Mary Tremayne, will face a choice between her husband and her home. A widow, Hester Mattock, pins her hopes on the home that her husband left to her in his will. Her husband hoped Grace Fenwick was dead; can she change her name in order to change her fortunes?

When the Parliamentarian victory brings only an uneasy peace to a war-weary nation, the spirit of rebellion and the Royalist cause stir in the depths of Cornwall. These three women will face circumstances which will test to the limit their spirit, their resourcefulness and their courage.

The future is unknown; the present is uncertain, but their past forged bonds that are bound to endure, for as it is written in the Scriptures, a cord of three strands is not quickly broken.

This book will be launched at a free event taking place at Penlee Coach House on 07/08/2016 at 1pm, following the ‘Inspired by Insurrection: hero or villain? with Steph Haxton and M J Logue‘ session. All are welcome

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