Litfest Blog

Although the main Litfest takes place over a few busy days in early July, the Litfest team work hard all year to research and plan for the next year’s event.

In the Litfest Blog, we will share our experiences of running a Litfest as well as our thoughts on books and writing new and old. Watch out for guest authors as well as team members.

Historical Fiction: Inspired or Recreated?

15 Jun 2018 by Litfest
Historical fiction, we are told by literary agents, is set to be one of the biggest literary trends of 2018 and Cornwall is being heralded as the new literary capital of the UK. But what is historical fiction? Is it history written as fiction? Or is it fiction set in a historical setting? Or a […]

Once Upon a Time in the West: How Penzance Literary Festival Began

07 Jun 2018 by Litfest
Back in 2010, at a Society of Authors meeting at the Godolphin Arms, Marazion, history was made.  Peter Levin, founder of the Festival, remembers it clearly. “Somebody said, ‘why don’t we have a literary festival’… I was the person who had the e-mail list, so it fell to me to organise it”. Looking back on that […]

Taking flight July 4th – we’re up and away

13 May 2018 by Litfest
Whatever happens about the proposal for a new helicopter service from Penwith to the Scillies, one thing is for sure – Penzance Literary Festival 2018 has taken off. Want to know more about the turbo-charged 2018 event? The theme is “Taking Flight”, the dates are July 4th to 7th, and the “hub” will be the […]

Penzance? We’ve never been that far west!

04 Oct 2017 by Litfest
It’s true that Penzance is over 300 miles from London, at the end of a long rail journey or tedious drive, and only 10 miles from Land’s End, but when you arrive it’s always worth the trek. Before it was linked to Pirates by Gilbert and Sullivan, Penzance was renowned as ‘the most southern resort […]

Centenaries & Bi-centenary

29 Sep 2017 by Litfest
The long gallery of reminiscence gets longer every year and every year there is a new anniversary, centenary or even bicentenary to remember, celebrate or quietly forget. At this year’s LitFest we will commemorate the end of the Great War in 1918 with a performance of The Lark above the Trenches, with Timothy Dean and […]

Venturing Off the Map and Into the Woods…

03 Jul 2017 by Litfest
  As part of Penzance Litfest’s Uncharted Waters events, pupils from Trythall school ventured off the map and into the wilds of Trevaylor woods to explore nature, poems and stories. There they encountered characters from folktales, learnt how to use their senses to navigate their way in their uncharted surroundings, and met some unusual characters […]

What you know and what you know now…

02 Jul 2017 by Litfest
  ‘Write what you know.’ This piece of advice a piece of advice is usually one of the first given to new writers. It can cover many things from characters to plot to setting. I won’t disagree with it either as I have used my area of Cornwall as the location for all my books. […]

Poetry, Tea and Creativity

30 Jun 2017 by Litfest
In ancient Greek, the word poet means  ‘one who creates‘ and I have always taken a creative approach to poetry – trying to present it in original ways that will delight and inspire others. Some of these ways have included The Poetree, I’ll Eat My Words range of edible poetry, Word M’art featuring poems in […]

All You Need is Pen, Paper and a Smile, from Jenny Kane

24 Jun 2017 by Litfest
Everyone has a story to tell, and everyone has their own way in which to tell it. Life writing concentrates on using your own experiences and turning them into works of fiction. In 2013 I wrote my first contemporary fiction novel, Another Cup of Coffee. The idea for this book came from a conversation I […]

The Book Is Dead – Long Live The Book!

03 Apr 2017 by Litfest
Were you there when they tried to bury the book? Even before there was any news of its demise? The crocodiles were there; the kindled flames of digitalis were licking round a coffin made out of old book covers. The trend checkers were there singing from their iPads about ‘birth cohorts’ and ‘generational trends’. And, […]