David Taylor

In a long career as an investigative journalist David Taylor has always shown a keen eye for a good story. Reporting for BBC Panorama and World in Action he fronted ground-breaking exposes on political and police corruption, sanction busting intrigues, gangland killings and the nuclear threat. Now, as a novelist, he tells an equally compelling tale about a courageous but deeply flawed Cornish mercenary who played a leading role in the American Civil War. Having been disowned for defrauding his Penzance family, Colonel George St Leger Grenfell fought in more foreign wars than any other nineteenth century soldier and his exploits defy belief. How this legendary figure survived to regain his lost honour and lead a better life is the subject of David Taylor’s remarkable second novel, The Man Who Lived Twice.


ID Event Date Time
AC42 David Taylor: The Mercenary from Marazion 05/07/2018 3:30pm
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