Rachel Viney

Rachel Viney

Rachel’s first full-time job was as Publicity Manager for an independent London publishing house. Stints at the BBC and in commercial radio were followed by a move into TV as a policy executive at the Independent Television Commission (ITC). Rachel went on to study for an MA in European Cultural Policy and Arts Management at Warwick University and work for herself as an independent media consultant – something she still does today. She’s also been a partner in a publishing business, producing publications for international photojournalists. Rachel has written widely on media and cultural topics, and is the author of two books about broadcasting.

As a kid Rachel spent more time than was probably healthy in her local library. She still does – though these days she doesn’t read pony books. She loves fiction of all kinds, but especially Nordic Noir – counting Arnaldur Indriðason and Jan Costin Wagner among her favourite authors

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