Taking flight July 4th – and we’re heading for  the runway

Taking flight July 4th – and we’re heading for the runway

Whatever happens about the proposal for a new helicopter service from Penwith to the Scillies, one thing is for sure – Penzance Literary Festival 2018 has left the departure lounge bays and is heading for the runway.  The submissions have been detailed, fascinating and appealing. We have been spoilt for choice, and are have recently been putting on our biggest hats in order to channel the person-from-Del-Monte-who-says “yes”.

Want to know more about the turbo-charged 2018 event? The theme is “Taking Flight”, the dates are July 4th to 7th, and the “hub” will be the Acorn, Parade Street. Here, our partner booksellers Edge of the World will be happy to sell you the books you’ve been hearing about – and a range of others.  Downstairs, the bar will be open to welcome you in – it is alleged that the cocktails are already being trialled. And upstairs, our box office staff will, as usual, be giving you plenty of change from your tenners:  we remain committed to the low ticket prices that are such a popular feature of the Festival, and which – we hope – will encourage you to soar out of your  comfort zone, as well as leaving you plenty of spare cash for those essential books and beverages.

The stars set to appear in the heaven that is our programme will be named in due course…  but in the meantime, why not subscribe to the newsletter?

Approaching the runway is – of course – a delight to passengers, whose holiday is about to begin. But for the cabin crew, it’s rather less relaxing than the wintry shelter of the departure point. So if anyone would like to join us on the journey to a safe landing, and possibly lay an editorial hand on press material so that we are not totally carried away with our own metaphors… please do get in touch at info@pzlitfest.co.uk.