2019 submissions have now closed

In a changing world, the theme we’ve chosen for our 2019 festival – our tenth edition – is Borderlines

Our submissions have now closed and we’re very busy working through all the fabulous entries that we have received. We will be in contact with everyone in the coming weeks and look forward to launching the 2019 event.

Reflections on 2018

The 2018 Penzance LitFest was one of the best ever. It was very well attended, tickets sales topping 1,500, and the varied programme was well received by all those who attended. Details of all the 2018 events are still available.

From the blog…

Cornish National Anthem

In the recent film ‘Fisherman’s Friends’ there is a scene where the group were asked to sing the National Anthem live on a morning TV programme. However, the anthem they sung was not the one what was expected but the Cornish anthem Trelawny. And shall Trelawny live? Or shall Trelawny die? Here’s twenty thousand Cornishmen will […]

Borders I’ve known

With cold beer in my hand, I watched the sun setting over southern Angola just across the Kavango River flowing at the bottom of the Guest House garden. Behind me lights were coming on, the town market buzzing with activity, optimism returning now SWAPO had freed Namibia of South African rule. But across that border […]

Wordsmiths of West Cornwall

We all have our favourite local authors –  Patrick Gale perhaps, or Liz Fenwick, or another of the host of other contemporary writers  who know and represent West Cornwall. New voices are coming in all the time – during the 2018 Festival we were delighted to introduce (amongst others) Raynor Winn, Noel O’Reilly, and Ken […]