The Great Big LitFest Quiz comes direct to your living room this year, as Quizmeister Spencer Smart serves up another brain-teasing mix of questions to test your knowledge of all things book-related. Spencer will be asking questions on both Facebook Live and YouTube this coming Friday, 3rd July at 8pm. So, sharpen your pencils (and your LitWits), crack open a bottle and join us for an hour of completely free book-based fun.

Don’t worry if you will be playing along on your own, it’s a fun quiz and all the questions are answerable!

How to take part: Facebook Live

Visit Penzance LitFest’s Facebook page at just before 8pm on Friday. Click on the video link and you should see a LitFest graphic with a small LIVE in red in top left corner. There will be no sound until Spencer switches on the camera and launches the quiz at 8pm prompt.

You don’t have to be a Facebook member to view it this way. It will try and encourage you to sign up, just click ‘not now’ on the pop up that will appear.

Please join in the conversation with other Friday night quizzers alongside the live video.

How to take part: YouTube

Visit Penzance LitFest’s YouTube channel at just before 8pm on Friday evening. Click on the video link and Spencer will appear at 8pm prompt to launch the quiz.