Book Review: The Carbon Buddy Manual by Colin Hastings

Book Review: The Carbon Buddy Manual by Colin Hastings

Review by Linda Camidge

Everyone needs an in-house lockdown buddy –preferably one that’s interesting, stimulating and non-threatening.  The Carbon Buddy Manual meets all those criteria, and although it’s disappointing not to be able to welcome Colin Hastings to Penzance Literary Festival in person this year, reading his book is the next best thing. The continuing rise in carbon levels is the biggest problem facing the world, and here – in print –  is a ‘buddy’ that can help us to overcome it.

“Is it all pessimistic?” Hastings asks in his first chapter. And on the facing page, his answer: “No, it’s not!” A welcome message at the moment. The Manual is all about what we, as individuals, can do. Hastings reminds us that our problems won’t be over when Covid-19 is sent, famously, packing; climate change is a far bigger threat. But it is very encouraging to read that in this case, we are not powerless; there are solutions. And even more encouraging that Hastings presents us with a ‘can do’ guide to making a difference.

The Carbon Buddy Manual  is rather like a Haynes manual. Okay, without those evocative grubby oil-stains –but the format makes clear that this is a workbook.  There are plenty of pages for the reader to make lists, note actions to be taken and record progress.  A great toolkit, perfect for your home education, lock-down life, and plans for the ‘new normal’ future.

The Carbon Buddy Manual is available to buy from the