Acorn Theatre

‘A Boy Called Ocean’: Taking flight, or facing your demons? with Chris Higgins


A talk by Chris Higgins about her latest book, ‘A Boy Called Ocean’.

Advised and endorsed by the Penlee lifeboat, ‘A Boy Called Ocean’ is set in Mounts Bay, Sennen and Portherras Cove. It’s inspired by true events and features a boy who drifts out to sea on a surfboard and the consequent search and rescue for him.

Chris was inspired by Joe Holtaway, a local lad who was rescued by the Penlee lifeboat. While it is not his story, Chris worked closely with Joe and his mother, the local surfing community and the Penlee lifeboat in the writing of the book.

‘A Boy Called Ocean’ is a coming-of-age story about a young man called Kai, who takes flight after a row with his girlfriend, paddles out to the sunset on a stolen surfboard and discovers he can’t get back. And nobody knows where he is. We follow Kai out at sea as hypothermia sets in. His experience becomes increasingly surreal and he has to deal with the internal demons that he’s been avoiding his whole life. At the same time, we see the frantic search for him on land and sea. But will they find him before it’s too late?