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Flying with the Larks by Tim Brown


An illustrated talk by Tim Brown, following the events and personalities introduced in his book, ‘Flying With The Larks: The Early Aviation Pioneers of Lark Hill’.

Tim was an Air Traffic Control Officer for most of his working career. His first writing experience began with a job move from Cornwall to Salisbury Plain in 2006. He learnt that the area is not only famous for its ancient stones but that it was a key starting point in the story of aviation history in Britain.

‘Flying With the Larks’ tells the story of the early aviation pioneers at a place called Lark Hill; a group of people who refused to believe flying was a pointless waste of time, and forced the Government of the day into a ‘U-Turn’. Their drive and determination started the British Aeronautical industry and sowed the seed for the formation of the Royal Flying Corps before the Great War. 

“One day humankind may have to give up flying…which is why I’m glad I’m alive now.” Tim Brown