St Mary's Church

Toy Symphony and Peter and the Wolf Penzance Orchestral Society: a Family Concert with Zeb Soanes


Bring your children and loved ones along to meet the instruments of the orchestra and some wild animals at this fun, family matinee. Zeb Soanes, familiar to millions as the honey-toned voice of the BBC Shipping Forecast, presents a spectacular double bill. First there’ll be a performance of the famous Toy Symphony, a pint-sized treat from the age of Mozart featuring a cuckoo, a quail, a nightingale, a toy trumpet and… well you’ll just have to crane your neck to see!

Then Zeb narrates Prokoviev’s evergreen musical tale of a Peter and the Wolf, an exciting, funny story in which a resourceful little boy outwits a savage wolf, ably assisted by a silly duck, a sly cat and a very brave (and conceited) little bird.

Unaccompanied grown-ups welcome! Children get in free thanks to a generous grant from the Penlee Cluster.

Duration approx 45 mins.