Acorn Theatre

Voices from the ‘Jungle’ – Stories from the Calais Refugee Camp


Editor Marie Godin and authors Mohammed Omer (A.K.A. Mo Akadream) and Majir Adin from Pluto Press, a radical political publishing house, will be talking about their recent release ‘Voices from the ‘Jungle’: Stories from the Calais Refugee Camp’, and the stories within it.

“Often called the ‘Jungle’, the refugee camp near Calais in Northern France epitomises for many the suffering, uncertainty and violence which characterises the situation of refugees in Europe today. But the media soundbites we hear ignore the voices of the people who lived there – people who have travelled to Europe from conflict-torn countries such as Syria, Sudan, Afghanistan and Eritrea: people with astounding stories, who are looking for peace and a better future.” Kieran O’Connor

Voices from the ‘Jungle’ is a collection of these stories. Through its pages, the refugees speak to us in powerful, vivid language. They reveal their childhood dreams and struggles for education; the wars and persecution that drove them from their homes; their terror and strength during their extraordinary journeys. They expose the reality of living in the camp; tell of their lives after the ‘Jungle’ and their hopes for the future. Through their stories, the refugees paint a picture of a different kind of ‘Jungle’: one with a powerful sense of community despite evictions and attacks, and of a solidarity which crosses national and religious boundaries.

Please note that the names of the authors accompanying Marie Godin have been updated since the programme went to press.