2017 Events

2017prog_coverIn 2017, highlights of the Penzance Literary Festival included Jane Corry, Tim Pears, Stella Duffy, Louis Young and Charlotte Hobson.

This archive page shows all the events that took place in 2017, many of them with photos. Click on the event titles to view more information.

All 2017 events

Penzance in 50 Buildings, with Mike Sagar-Fenton

Macbeth, with Fathom Theatre

Dalla Saffron Gold Tour 2017

The Last Bus, with Gray Lightfoot

St Mary’s Church Lunchtime Concert

The Poet Charles Causley

Crashaw and Rochester: poet or pornographer, with Jane Sand

Arthur Rimbaud, French Poetry’s Enfant Terrible, with Jane Sand

The sea, the sea. What strange mysteries lie beneath the sea?

Visionary Children In The Poems Of Thomas Traherne

Faeries, Demons, Witches And Magicians In Shakespeares Plays, with Jane Sand

Uncharted Waters – Jago Stone, burglar-turned-artist, with Rob Donovan

Uncharted Waters – Drink in 19th century England, with Rob Donovan

Uncharted Waters – the Road to Corbyn, with Rob Donovan

A Cornish Tea-treat with the Branwells of Chapel Street

The Wormery

Meet the author: Sharon Tregenza


Pisky-led: a guided walk with stories

The Hidden Room, with Stella Duffy

The Horseman, with Tim Pears

Life Behind Bars, with Jane Corry

Cove: Cynan Jones in conversation with Tim Hannigan

The Button Box, with Lynn Knight

Love stories in a time of war: Louisa Young in conversation with Patrick Gale

Revolutionary Dreams, with Charlotte Hobson

The Man Who Thought Outside the Box, with Ryan Danes

You couldn’t make it up, with Peter Fluck, Terry Stiastny and Alex Wade

Short, cutting, poignant: drawings based on haiku

The Battle of the Somme: orchestral film screening

Bowie in the Bar, with Nicholas Pegg and members of the Bowie Lounge

Individual medley, with Katrina Quinn

Deeper than Indigo: voyages in search of forgotten explorer Thomas Machell, with Jenny Balfour Paul

Writing workshop with Stella Duffy: impro for writers

Writing workshop with Tim Pears: character – helping the reader write the book

Writing workshop with Jane Corry: how to create an unreliable narrator

From Cornwall to Ladakh: travels of a Victorian lady, with Jean Burnett

Poetry Open, with Diana Dixon

Breaking from the past: Cassandra Parkin in conversation with Teresa Benison

Art of the Islands: Celtic, Pictish, Anglo-Saxon and Viking visual culture, with Michelle Brown

A Star to Steer Her By: a 19th-century mariner’s manuscript, with Steph Haxton

On staying sane in insane places, with Lynne Jones

Writing workshop with Jenny Kane: life writing – turn your experiences into fiction

In uncharted waters, with Rob Barratt

Life Girl, with Jane Pugh

Flack’s Last Shift: Alex Wade in conversation with Kirstie Newton

Archaeology and Landscape at the Land’s End, with Jacky Nowakowski

Star shine: A magical musical fantasy, with the John Daniel Players

Writing workshop with Caroline Carver: thinking outside the box

Uncharted waters, with Penzance Local History Group

The Paradoxal Compass: Drake’s dilemma, with Horatio Morpurgo

Reinventing Victorian Cornwall with Dan Daddow’s Cornish Comicalities, with Alan M Kent

Turbulent times and political fiction, with Terry Stiastny

To Lyonnesse and back: Thomas Hardy in words and music

In uncharted waters, with Telltales

The Poetry Point presents…

Seeing Myself: the new science of out-of-body experiences, with Susan J Blackmore

Egyptian Houses, with David Devanny, Andrew Fentham and Jerome Fletcher

Egyptian Houses, with David Devanny, Andrew Fentham and Jerome Fletcher

Family life on a sailing lugger: handling the unexpected with no brakes, with Judy Brickhill

Local panel, with Liz Fenwick, Jenny Kane and Chris Vick

Uncharted shores: Atlantic Cornwall and beyond, with Des Hannigan

Home and abroad, with Roy Phillips

In search of Anne Brontë, Cornwall’s daughter, with Nick Holland

The pre-war adventures of Crosbie Garstin, with David Tovey

Writing Workshop with Sally Crabtree: CreativiTEA – wake up the wonder!

Charles Causley at 100: a celebration

Writing workshop with Megan Chapman: writing off the page

Writing workshop with Ellen Phethean: world-building

Guided Literary Tour of Penzance, with Anna McClary

Guided Literary Tour of Penzance, with Anna McClary