Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller was born in Bristol in 1960. He has lived in Spain, Japan, Ireland and France, and currently lives in Somerset. He is the author of six novels; his fiction has been translated into over 30 languages.

His new novel is The Crossing. Set in the present day, he sees a blossoming relationship between two young people brought together by a love of sailing. But the relationship between Maud, a pharmaceutical researcher, and Tim, a musician, is to be devastated by tragedy. As Tim’s family closes ranks around him, Maud embarks on an epic expiatory journey.

Praise for Andrew Miller:

‘Miller writes like a poet, with a deceptive simplicity – his sentences and images are intense distillations, conjuring the fleeting details of existence with clarity. He is also a very humane writer, whose philosophy is tempered always with an understanding of the flaws and failings of ordinary people’- Guardian

‘One of our most skilful chroniclers of the human heart and mind’ Sunday Times

‘A writer of very rare and outstanding gifts’ – Independent on Sunday

‘His startling sentences, both beautiful and distressing, can lodge themselves in your brain.’ – Daily Telegraph

‘A writer of astonishing gifts who peels his characters back to the quick with a language that never misses a note’ Irish Times


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