Marie Godin and Mo Akadream

Marie Godin and author Mohammed Omer (A.K.A. Mo Akadream) will be representing Pluto Press, a radical political publishing house.

Founded in 1969, Pluto Press is one of Britain’s oldest radical publishers, but their focus remains making timely interventions in contemporary struggles. Though their collective outlook has developed over time, they proudly identify as anti-capitalist, internationalist and politically independent.

Marie Godin is currently a researcher at the Oxford Department of International Development (ODID). Her research interests lie in the area of migration and development, with a focus on diaspora engagement and gender, mobile technologies and political activism. She recently published ‘Breaking the silences, breaking the frames: a gendered
diasporic analysis of sexual violence in the DRC’ in the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies (2018).

Marie is also one of the co-editor of the book entitled ‘Voices from the ‘Jungle’: stories from the Calais Refugee Camp’ (Pluto Press, 2017), an inspirational collection of stories written by refugees.

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