Martin Banks

Martin trained at the New College of Speech and Drama and then gained an MA in Theatre Studies at Warwick University. He has worked as a professional actor, director, administrator, lecturer and examiner. His best selling book, The Mysterious Loss of the Darlwyne : A Cornish Holiday Tragedy, has been the subject of both ITV and BBC television programmes, and is currently the subject of an exhibition at the National Maritime Museum, Falmouth. Martin was a student when he read of the tragedy in the national press. The harrowing tale stayed with him thoughout his career, and a move to Cornwall motivated him to research and write the book.
Martin has also co-authored The Ivy House Diary, which is set in the years 1967-8, and follows two young students at an anarchic drama school in London. The book is a humourous and sometimes sad view of the crazy world of the arts in sixties London.

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