Tom Stockley

Tom Stockley is an organiser, performer, writer, designer and occasional statue based in the South West. Informed by a century of counter-culture, his practice is parasitic and flirts with the humour, beauty and sadness of every day life by any means necessary (including spoken word as t.s. idiot, video based collaborations and DIY venue Space 37).

Among his influences are: Richard Hell, Genesis P-Orridge, Lady GaGa, Marcel Duchamp, Jeremy Deller, Ray Johnson, David Robilliard, Bas Jan Ader, Chris Burden, Angus Fairhurst, William Pope. L, Andy Warhol, Terri Hooley, Linder Sterling, William Burroughs, Ian Curtis, David Bowie, David Lynch, Leigh Bowery, George Lucas and Daniel Johnston.

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