As well as Publishing Day, we had a great selection of workshops for writers in 2019.

Writing workshop with Jenny Kane: Location, location, location

Jenny Kane’s romances owe a lot to their Cornish setting. Location matters just as much as character. It’s impossible to develop a location on paper without applying our emotions, perceptions and preconceptions. Jenny shows you how to create the perfect location for your fiction – whether it’s a cupboard, town, city or planet. Use personal […]

Writing workshop with Penny Shutt: Borderlines of the self

Where does personality end and illness begin? Where is the line between illness and who you are? Dr Penny Shutt leads this therapeutic writing workshop using the ancient wisdom of the Enneagram, prompts and the poems of David Whyte and Lao Tzu to get you writing to any illnesses or diagnoses you may have received […]

Writing workshop with Angela Stoner: Writing between the tides

Not all borders are fixed. That between sea and land is fluid, as is the liminal space that inspires so many artists and writers. This workshop will provide writing exercises to explore such spaces, and bring back treasures to enrich your work. Borders can be barriers and sources of conflict – or they can be […]

Writing Workshop with John Lugo-Trebble and Barbara Armstrong: Breaking the fourth wall – stepping inside a scene

Do you enjoy reading but you’re not sure that you can write? John Lugo-Trebble and Barbara Armstrong are about to break down that wall and bring you into the fold. Using a love of reading and working with images to create individual scenes, their wish is for every participant to leave with words on paper, […]

Writing workshop with Bridget Holding: Wild words: bring your writing to life

In this digital media age, when words are everywhere, how do we make our words count? How do we craft words to match the strength of our emotional and imaginative worlds? Exeter University tutor, writer, and psychotherapist Bridget Holding is ‘revitalising creative writing teaching’. In this one-day, creative writing workshop, she offers techniques for accessing […]